The perfect homogenizer for ice cream small batch production

Microlab 400

Weight lbs 264.55
Dimensions: (LxDxH) in 17.71 x 19.29 x 29.52
Operating pressure psi 1740
Pumping pistons Nr. 2
Capacity gph 105.60
The homogenizers play a primary rule in the industrial production of the ice cream, but they are often too expensive, far oversized and not so easy to be used when it comes to non-industrial small batch duties.

With a flow rate of 105.60 gph and a working pressure of 264.55 psi our MICROLAB 400 perfectly suits the small batch applications. It could be used in both ways: with a single pasteurizer (recirculation duty) or with two pasteurizers (in line installation between the two pasteurizers).

The objective of the homogenizing process is a positive effect on the ice cream’s taste and flavour, furthermore it make the ice cream more creamy and with a less cold feeling. The ice cream, thanks to the homogenizing process, will benefit of a longer overrun, a higher storage stability, a better dissolution and an increased digestibility.

How the MICROLAB 400 works

The pumping pistons push the product trough the homogenizing valve at a pressure of 1740 psi. Into the homogenizing valve, due to a quick increase of the speed (up to a 9.300 cm/sec), a strong cavitation and due to the friction among the cells, the product is subject to a micronization process which reduces the average diameter of the solid fat particles to a few micrometers in diameter (< 0.0035 mm). The micronization process removes the fat cell’s external coating, increases the area in contact with the emulsifiers, favours the water-oil phase, makes the ice cream texture more soft and gives a dry taste which makes the ice cream a quality product.