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Microlab 400: the industrial homogenizer that revolutionizes ice cream production

In the production of “commercial ice cream”, homogenizers are crucial to ensuring the end product’s success. Yet, using this equipment in handcrafted ice cream parlors has often been a challenge due to costs, size, usage complexity, and lack of its optimal performance research.

FBF Italy has addressed these challenges, creating a top-quality homogenizer machine for ice cream that can cater to your specific requirements.

The mix gets suctioned by the pump pistons of the industrial ice cream machine and is sent under high pressure to the homogenizing valve. Upon exiting, the product faces micronization of its components caused by forces like: rapid acceleration reaching speeds of around 9,300 cm/sec, intense cavitation, and particle friction. Our industrial machine for ice cream, Microlab 400, allows obtaining fat globules with a measurement less than 3.5 μm (0.0035 mm). . Our commercial gelato machine, Microlab 400, ensures fat globules smaller than 3.5 μm (0.0035 mm). Such micronization removes the fat globules’ surface layer, increasing the surface area for emulsifiers to work, initially stabilizing the water-oil phase, then providing the gelato with an even smoother texture and a distinct dry feel typical of a good gelato.

Several palpable benefits come from using an industrial food blender in the gelato industry: richer flavor and creaminess with the same ingredient quantity, reduced cold feel, increased overrun, enhanced storage stability and melting resistance, and better digestibility.


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