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Omogeneizzatori industriali della serie FBF, progettati per garantire una miscelazione efficace e uniforme in ambito produttivo


The industrial homogenizer is adept at blending and reducing the particle size in products, guaranteeing more uniform and stable consistencies. This method is relevant for numerous fields, including the food, chemical, pharmaceutical, and cosmetic sectors.

Gamma di omogeneizzatori da laboratorio Homolab, ideali per l'omogeneizzazione di campioni in ambiente di ricerca


Our state-of-the-art lab homogenizer comes with a two-piston pumping setup, enabling the homogenizing heads to more stably process product samples. This ensures trustworthy data and sharper results than single-piston devices.

Omogeneizzatore da laboratorio modello Microlab 400, progettato per una miscelazione precisa e omogenea

Ice cream

Tailored to seamlessly fit even small labs, the ice cream homogenizer is vital to guarantee the triumph of the end product, delivering top-tier performances in constrained areas.


The build principles behind our PD pumps mirror those of our homogenizers, thereby signifying premium quality standards. High-pressure pumps are utilized across various sectors like food & beverages, chemical, pharmaceutical, and cosmetic.

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