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volumetric pumps in action inside a homogeniser fbf italia
volumetric pumps in action inside a homogeniser fbf italia

FBF ITALIA: Merging innovation
with heritage.

FBF North America was established to expand the FBF Italia worldwide network to the United States and Canada. The presence of FBF North America allows FBF Italia to bring more than 30 years of experience in homogenization and expertise in processing systems to the North American market. In addition, FBF Italia has earned 3A Certification, which means that our homogenizers and positive displacement pumps can be manufactured to US FDA 3A Sanitary Standards.
FBF North America provides sales, service, and spare parts to all North American customers. Hard work, commitment and dedication made it possible and we are proud to be able to serve the U.S. and Canadian markets.

Established in 1987, FBF Italia excels in the design and fabrication of homogenizers, PD piston pumps, and lab homogenizers, marking its prominence in aiding plant builders and end consumers across food, chemical, pharmaceutical, and cosmetic domains. Owing to our enduring experience, we present superior-quality solutions, indicative of our relentless drive towards innovation. While we’re fervent about future prospects, our roots in tradition remain intact, blending past learnings with our distinct foresight, providing our customers with state-of-the-art products and services. Our comprehensive sales and service networks, spanning Italy and the world, guarantee timely and expert assistance, meeting the high standards of our partners. With a total output surpassing 4,800 units and an annual production of approximately 220-230 machines, FBF Italia stands as a paragon of Italian excellence.

By siding with FBF ITALIA, you’re investing in a reliable and adept establishment, consistently at the ready to suggest the best, cost-effective approach for your enterprise. Our quest for perfection, combined with profound sector insight, positions us to design personalized, cutting-edge solutions catering to your distinct requirements.


Decades of experience


Decades of experience

2010 – Buffalo Series

The new “Buffalo Series” is launched, a revolution in the world of homogenizers. These machines adopt innovative technical solutions, where quality, performance and energy savings create a perfect combination.

2021 – 5,000 Production Units Sold

2021 – was a very important year for us because our total production exceeded 5,000 machines sold.

1987 – FBF Italia is Founded

Thanks to the founders’ decades of experience in the specific sector, the first homogenizers were born. 2000

2000 – Millennium Series

In order to ensure cutting-edge products, our Research and Development Center introduces the new “Millennium Series”, that became a very important reference point for all our customers.

We lead FBF Italy with commitment, passion and integrity, pursuing the values of innovation, quality and reliability.

Units produced
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